Thrive in the Jungle of Pookiez

What is Pookiez?

Pookiez is a series of 2500 one-of-a-kind NFTs that thrive on the Solana blockchain. Engaging storytelling, gamified staking mechanisms, and multiple rewards for staking with a connect-to-earn mechanism are the backbone of Pookiez. But what sets Pookiez apart is the exceptionally crafted PFPs (profile pictures) you can proudly show off on your social media accounts.

Pookiez Merch

According to insiders, this is the wildest jungle-themed merchandise of Solana. Every purchase includes a bundle of wild surprises.

Connect To Earn

Connect to Earn is a rewards program that helps connect people in the NFT and cryptocurrency space with the services they need


The staking system is an easy way for players to earn rewards and help to secure the game's ecosystem, while also providing an additional use case for their NFT characters.